How to delete all messages on Facebook (obsolete)

Navigate to Inbox page, and execute this script:
Note: This script is tested and works on Google Chrome desktop browser. For executing script, type in URL field javascript: (because the browser strips it when pasted), then paste the code from the link above and run (you can also make it as bookmarklet for the next time).
Edit: Fixed – now it should delete all conversations at once (i.e. it shouldn’t stop in middle of job, therefore it doesn’t need to be run again and again).

20 thoughts on “How to delete all messages on Facebook (obsolete)

  1. not working properly it just able to delete message from one person, it is not able to delete all message at once please check script. Thank you

    • I know that, it happens after some time while deleting, and you have to execute script again. I don’t know solution for that, so that’s why I said that it doesn’t work as it should.

  2. after deleting some messages, i had this alert ” Muting will turn off push notifications on mobile and prevent chats from opening for this conversation.” and i have to click on silence or cancel, but the message didn’t been erased.
    I can’t continue deleting…

    • I didn’t have experienced that problem, so I really don’t know.
      If problem is with one conversation, try to manually delete it, and then proceed with executing script.

    • I have tested it right now on Firefox and it works as it should – without any errors.
      But I’ve read some experiences, and they say if you have many messages to delete, and script fails to delete all at once, then execute it over and over until all messages are deleted.

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