UniClicker v1.1f

Screenshots (from first version):
Main window (while working):
Screenshot 1

Edit configuration dialog:
Screenshot 2

Description: With this clicker you can create and use configurations for automatic clicking on links…

Comment: This is the first application for custom link clicking. With your own configurations, you can configure this program to click on any link that you want, and manipulate with other configurations…

– Create and edit configurations;
– Options: Proxy (IE required), Cookie, Wait between links, Load timeout, Execute Batch command(s);
– Additional options: Minimize to tray, Always on top.

Configurations (7): AdF.ly (fixed), Linkbucks (fixed & updated), bc.vc, LNX.lu, AdFa.st. (For other sites, find or request in comments.)

Change log:

* First released version; option “Make silent clicker” isn’t yet enabled

* Option “Make silent clicker” isn’t yet enabled
– Fixed old, removed one, and added new configurations (ie. clickers for): LNX.lu and AdFa.st
– Clicking is now faster – it doesn’t have to wait for page to be fully loaded, so it’ll not bug anymore
– Fixed some minor bugs

* Option “Make silent clicker” isn’t yet enabled
– Fixed some bugs

Download link: http://mikisoft.me/UniClicker%20v1.1f%20-%20by%20MikiSoft.zip

P.S. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or if you want to report bugs that you have seen, feel free to contact me (and feedback, of course) on this blog.

96 thoughts on “UniClicker v1.1f

    • It is working, but you’re probably running it from the system or emulator where IE isn’t installed correctly (because the tool heavily depends on it).

    • Sorry but I can’t, I already told below about adfoc.us. For the second site, I see that it has no similarity to the sites for which configurations are made, so unfortunately it’s in a totally different category for which this program can’t be used.

  1. Hello. How did you monitor the string of page source in realtime.
    Such as

    1. wait until string in source disappear
    2. wait until string in source appear

    I used to try and fix the old config of Adf.ly, well just curious enough to learn, But failed πŸ˜€

    Btw glad to know your blog is up again,

    • I monitor strings via browser of course, that is in dialog for creating or editing configurations (when you enter there, you have button to show/hide browser). It’s pretty easy – just navigate from that browser to example link, wait for page to load and source code of that to be shown in text box below browser, then save it, and wait necessary time for page to modify; after that click on button for refreshing source, then save it in another file. The next you do is to compare that two saved pages, either manually or with some text comparison tool (you have bunch of it on internet, even online versions), and you’ll eventually find some string that appears or disappears after some time when some targeted link of that site is loaded.
      So, if you understood this, then – good luck & have fun! πŸ™‚

  2. Hi sir..can you make configurations for cpvlink.com..

    Also plz look into MYLINK.PRO as they currently changed the script so check whether its possible to create a configuration now..

  3. Hey,
    i tried to use the script in bc.vc..
    This is works, but sometimes the program gives me a error
    “unexecpted error:object required
    I click yes, and then that’s work,
    but till im clicking yes, the bot is not working.
    can u fix it?
    im using win 8.

    • I can’t locate problem which is explained in that way, because who knows what occurs it.
      Run program with parameter “-w” (without quotes), configure it for that site and start process, and when error displays, move error message from program’s center to show current link and proxy, and then take screenshot, upload it and post image link here.

    • That’s because after you grab proxies, you have to check which of them work on site that you want from this program to click on (hint: use some proxy checker).

    • Thanks for reporting, problem wasn’t with configuration, it was with program, and it’s fixed now (so re-download it). Enjoy! πŸ˜‰

    • If you don’t understand something when you go to create your own config, just load and edit some of existing configs, and navigate to example link for site that is loaded config, look up page source and try to find pieces of it that are in config, and you will hopefully understand meaning for each field that you must fill (not all fields have to be filled, you’ll see in existing configs).

  4. im using a dial up network, wen i use this app the proxys are not changing and adfly is not counting the clicks..
    pplease help

      • any solutoin for that??
        so desperate converting dial up to LAN…
        any modded browsers that accept proxies through dialup??

        • No, because program works via IE and modifies it’s settings for LAN network, but not for dial-up or VPN.
          Only possible solution is to try to search how to trick Windows to treat dial-up as LAN network.

    • That’s not enough info, so tell me after what event that error occurs, and send me a screenshot that shows how program is configured to work, and I’ll look into that problem.
      Btw. If you’ve downloaded program 1+ hour before, download and test it again, because I’ve fixed something in meantime.
      Edit: I guessed that problem was with progress bars, so I tried now to fix something with them. Download links have been updated now (2), so give it a try.

    • For second site there’s already config. that is posted here, for first site config. can’t be created because there’s some sort of protection (via IFrame), and for third is similar situation – with captcha protection.

  5. Thnks…found this tool very useful
    But i found one problem i used it for my adf.ly link
    after starting it works then after few proxies it stop
    it doesnt give any error but doesnot go forward after few proxies..

  6. Hey Man,
    I’d like to thank you for you’re amazing work πŸ™‚ Even if it doesn’t seem to be working with me. I’ve tried it on a d f and linkb…I don’t know what am I doing wrong, and I hope that I am doing something wrong (and it’s fixable ^^ )…

    • No, because this program is made for creating simple configurations, for type of sites that configurations already exist ie. come with program (AdF.ly, Linkbucks.com, etc).

  7. Ok i have tested it and i left it going over time and i found a problem for me. When i use proxies it changes my whole computer proxy so when im trying to do stuff on the internet it dose not work as it is continuously changing proxies.
    Hope you can fix this!

    • This program is changing proxy settings only in IE, but in most cases system will apply that to all programs who’re connected on Internet, so I don’t know how to fix that, and I think that it isn’t either possible to do so. Sorry.

  8. Hi Miki,

    First of all I would like to tell that your clicker works great on websites like adfly or aimurl πŸ™‚
    But will be nice if could help me with one litlle thing, I try make confi file to some website by myself but it not working πŸ™

    Can you give here your mail or facebook?

  9. it’d be cool if this bot used real exchange clik and not proxies, which adfly and adfoc know ample.
    thanks and great job! πŸ™‚

    • I will consider your suggestion. πŸ™‚ About AdFoc.us, I said below reason why I didn’t made configuration for that service.
      Thanks & enjoy! πŸ˜‰

    • For some unexplained reason, adfoc.us is not working in IE. But in next version, expect configuration for that site and much faster process, because I won’t make configurations to click via IE control anymore (but that doesn’t mean that IE control will be removed from program).

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