UniBot v1.4


Description: With this tool you can make any HTTP bot that you imagine – easily and without any knowledge of some programming language!

Comment: This is the first application that is capable of creating unique HTTP bots. With your own configurations, you can configure this program to automatically do some jobs on desired sites i.e. online services (e.g. voting, commenting, scraping, etc.)…

– Modularity (configurations)
– Plugins
– EXE bot
– Options: Threads, Proxy, Shortcut creation, Batch commands execution on finish, Fine tuning
And more…

Change log:

* First released version; option “Make silent bot” isn’t yet enabled

* Option “Make silent bot” isn’t yet enabled
+ Added new feature – plugins! There are two currently: Math and Simple Captcha with source (VB6)
+ Added new command: enc(text) – uses URL encode on given text
– Fixed some major and minor bugs
– [About week later: v1.1f] Fixed many important bugs (arrays work now)

* Option “Make EXE bot” isn’t yet enabled
+ Added more options for retry
+ Added two independent commands: [oind] – previous array index, and [aind] – current array index
+ Added .NET 3.5 RegEx (special) plugin
+ 7 random configurations are included in the package
– Fixed a lot of major bugs (many of them were for arrays), changed some minor rules

+ Option “Make EXE bot” finally enabled – you can now build stand-alone bots (even with plugins included)
+ Added two independent commands: [dt] – current date & time, and [thr] – current thread
+ Added 2 new configurations – for FeelingSurf and 10KHits
* Inserting and removing indexes is now easier (Alt+I, Alt+R)
– Fixed many important bugs

+ Added “Fine tuning” dialog; running bot for a specific and long time is now possible!
+ Added one new command: dec(text) – uses URL decode on given text
+ Added 4 new configurations, for: 247AutoHits, WebSurf, Twistrix and Alexa Master
+ Added GSA Captcha Breaker plugin with source
– Fixed some bugs

Download link: http://mikisoft.me/UniBot%20v1.4%20-%20by%20MikiSoft.zip

P.S. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or if you want to report bugs that you have seen (with a feedback, of course), feel free to join on UniBot Forums.

18 thoughts on “UniBot v1.4

    • Dobro sam brate, hvala na pitanju! 😀
      Unfortunately, I don’t work with UniBot anymore by any means so I don’t create bots. But, why don’t you try to make one by yourself with this tool? The main purpose of it is to ease you process of building bots after all. When I was developing it and writing and recording tutorials for it, I was hoping that people would learn how to create bots with it instead of requesting them from the other person. Some of them with no prior knowledge with bots did start with that and they learned many useful things along the way, and most of them in the end became totally independent from the others once they learned enough things to make anything they want. That wasn’t so hard for them, and they saved money in that process, too. 😉
      Also, I created specific forum for the tool which you have surely seen by now, where you can discuss if you have some concrete questions and problems about it. I’ll be happy to help you out about such things there. 🙂

    • Nisi precizirao pitanje, ali da, uglavnom jeste moguće napraviti sve što zamisliš, samo naravno uvek zavisi od toga koliko si spreman i koliko je teško to uraditi, zbog raznih vrsta zaštita koje bi mogle da postoje na ciljanom sajtu (koje su tu da u manjoj ili većoj meri zakomplikuju taj proces izrade, a nekad bude u tolikoj da te maltene natera da odustaneš od toga).
      Za sva dalja, konkretna pitanja u vezi ovog alata i uputstva na našem jeziku, pridruži se na sledeći balkanski forum i idi u ovu sekciju: https://ljuska.org/viewforum.php?f=99

    • If you mean on “compiling” by producing EXE bots, then yes – it has such feature. Anyways, nobody forbids you to share the configs (which are single INI files) with others. 🙂

  1. + Added 4 new configurations, for: 247AutoHits, WebSurf, Twistrix and Alexa Master
    My question is where have you added those configs? i cannot find it.

    • They are in “Random configs” folder in the archive, but better to get them from the forum as some of them were updated/fixed in the meantime.

  2. hi mikisoft. i found you on thebot.net forums. since i’m a new forum member i can’t send you private message on that forum.

    i need a simple bot to be created. i can pay you small amount in bitcoin. are you interested?

    • First, check if the configuration you want already exists on UniBot Forums in Configurations section.
      If it doesn’t, then register there and check if it’s not already requested in Requests section, and if it is bump the thread. If it isn’t then create it, but don’t forget to put [R] at the beginning of a thread title (which has to be as much precise as possible to the subject – so no “I need a bot” or similar), thanks.
      P.S. If you don’t think others would find that bot you want to be created for you useful, i.e. if it is for some private purposes, then message someone active from the Power members group.

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