41 thoughts on “Ask.fm Mass Liker v1.4f + SRC

    • I wonder how you didn’t figure it out yet – just enable option for creation of random accounts (“Create rand. acc”) and you’ll see that a list (on the left) will change to the proxy list.

  1. bugs πŸ™ fix them please…

    it gets stuck sometimes and status as:
    Liking 1. answer…

    Why not making it more advance and making it premium? I’ll be the first to buy if priced reasonably.

    • If that bug occurs randomly, it either comes from site or from IE (i.e. it’s not in my code).
      If you want from me to make you something special from this, and you’re willing to pay for that, then why not?

      • It is working but still has some problems , like it does not give the accurate number of likes and does not show how many were given , it also does hangs after 1 min and dosent work , Please Fix it , Thanks in Advance !

        • I have tested it before I released that latest version of course, and it works perfectly with IE 6 (and it should work with newer versions, too). Maybe you have some issues with IE that’s currently installed on your system.

    • It’s pretty easy – you just have to get some valid accounts, or proxy list if it doesn’t matter from whom likes come, and then load it into program and start with liking process.

  2. this program is awesome πŸ˜€ but can you please do a simple spammer .. to send questions in stream with no-anonymous and stops while asking for captcha πŸ˜€ that will be great ^^

  3. when I try to do likes at the stream it just do 25 like and stuck while refreshing page 2 .. you maybe fell it strange to do likes in the stream but I want to for a reason πŸ˜€
    I PUT “account/stream” as user name btw πŸ˜€

    • That’s because program isn’t adjusted to do likes at stream, so you have to change in source code of main Form (frmMain.frm) part for showing next page, search for ('commit')[2] and replace with ('commit')[1]
      If you don’t have Visual Basic 6, find portable version and compile that edited project.

    • Liking process works, I have tested it right now, with IE 6 installed. Maybe you’re saying for register process?
      If not, there are two reasons why it doesn’t work for you – wrong proxies, or (newer) IE version which causes problems.

  4. Hi.Thanks for this awesome prog, in other program for ask fm i found some nice ideas, like exchange question for users who use program, or subscribing on each other automaticly; It`s going be awesome cuz that project is dead since late 2012

    • Thanks for your feedback.
      I made this program only for bulk registration of random accounts and mass liking, by request from one guy (I mentioned him earlier in about section), so I have released source code of it for someone who is interested in expanding features, in order to make it better.

    • For people that don’t understand our language, you say that it would be nice to add option for saving random accounts that are created by this program, for later use.
      I will add that in next version, thanks for your good suggestion πŸ™‚
      Edit: Updated (2)!

      • It`s going to be nice if you make some recognicer when ask.fm says “no robots allowed” for some proxies. Without that program just update the login page. TY

        • Can you give me proxy which initiates that? I have already made detection for that in first version, but I guess that something has now changed on site.
          Edit: I have fixed something now that has to do with that detection, so it should work now.

  5. i was informed the updated of this programs
    but.sorry.i don’t know what is the programs for?
    could you please give me a hint.? via e-mail?
    I am so curious to know about it.
    thanks a lots

    • Read the program title. This program is used for a site Ask.fm, and purpose is to like all answers on some profile, in order to get it to the top of the list of the most popular profiles on that site.

  6. I request an amendment to the program.
    The problem is that administrators see what the ask please become a lot of people through the program and added to the menu Become a Member ukazivat necessarily birthday. I am from Ukraine, I write through a translator. Please do not judge the text because they do not know English. Thank you.

    • I don’t have time to write instructions, sorry.
      And you don’t need accounts, you can use it with proxy list – and program will create random accounts.

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