A call for open sourcing VB6

Yesterday I made this video in the purpose of practicing in Sony Vegas, and as it turned out that it was a good result I decided to publish it, so take a look:

And of course, support this idea – spread it! Thanks! 🙂
BTW. If you’re on reddit, you can join the discussion: http://reddit.com/r/visualbasic/comments/2dvlq1/bring_vb6_back_to_the_open_source_community
P.S. Don’t criticize grammatical errors in video, I didn’t notice them on time because I was hurrying myself (for no reason) to finish it sooner.

Text2YouTube v1.0 fix + SRC

I made this for own needs, but I think that it might be useful for someone else, too.
Program doesn’t require any additional components, so if anyone want to know how that was done can look at source code that comes with it.
Its purpose is simple – it finds links of first results on YouTube by given titles, and on end assembles all that into one playlist link that can be shorted via TinyURL service.


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Bill-o-meter v0.1 (fix 8)

This is my blog, so I can write life stories, right? Before I present you this small but very useful program, I need to tell you one short story that stands behind it 🙂
Eight months ago, one night I went with my friends at one tavern in center of my town. I was having good meal and drink, but not like my friends because they had drunk too much, and they were having such binge that they totally forgot about amount of money at its disposal, that we collected to pay on end. I suppose that after reading previous sentence, you understood end and moral of this story 😀
So, if you ever find yourself in similar situation, don’t let your friends to do that! Use this, my first Android application, to keep track of bill balance.

Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4

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