IRC pwner v1.0 + SRC (fix 2)

Screenshot (while working):

This tool uses new method of phishing – IRC phishing (that I have found)! 😉 It’s generally made for fun, and purpose of this is to trick IRC users on desired channel to give their passwords for identification on server (ex. on NickServ), and when someone gets successfully phished, you can set commands for ‘pwning’ him after that! 😀

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UniClicker v1.1f

Screenshots (from first version):
Main window (while working):
Screenshot 1

Edit configuration dialog:
Screenshot 2

Description: With this clicker you can create and use configurations for automatic clicking on links…

Comment: This is the first application for custom link clicking. With your own configurations, you can configure this program to click on any link that you want, and manipulate with other configurations…

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Fake XP Shutdown + SRC

I made this for fun. 😀 It imitates default XP shutdown screen and changes desktop picture – with famous troll smiley face asking “U MAD?”, and on end it displays message box with text “PROBLEM?”, and if user asks with Yes, program will exit, otherwise it will start original shutdown. 🙂

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